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When will the oppression of Palestinians end?

An American journalist commenting on the latest incident in Jerusalem which culminated in the death of several people asked: “When will the cycle of violence in Israel end?” Only an American journalist would ask such a question. 

Any other journalist with a sense of justice would ask: “When will the oppression of Palestinians end?” 

Over the past few years, the Netanyahu government has ignored with contempt all basic rules of humanity and has embarked on a policy of degradation and tyranny and of the worst kind of oppression of the people of the occupied Palestinian lands. 

The Israeli government led by Netanyahu and his cohorts has murdered, burnt and tortured civilians, eradicated farming and tried to dehumanize the people of Palestine.

Out of sheer desperation, people have turned to violence and the recent unfortunate attack on a synagogue was an example of the desperate measures taken by some Palestinians to avenge the brutal attacks on them and their children. 

It should be very clear by now that one wants violence; but Netanyahu’s Jewish state  has been slowly and calculatingly forcing the people in the occupied land to turn to desperate measures so that it can point out to gullible Americans that whatever actions taken are a result of the consequences faced by Israel. 

Netanyahu knows very well that AIPAC and other pro-Israeli lobbies shape American foreign policy in the Middle East. He is fully aware that the overwhelming majority of US lawmakers are controlled and will not utter a word or say anything. 

They are at his beck and call, and, in fact, they would turn ferocious and shriek and howl at incidents like the recent one in Jerusalem. 

It is indeed a pity that a power like the United States is held hostage by a rogue state – Israel which has flouted all UN resolutions and with the aid of the United States has spread tyranny over the West Bank and Gaza. No amount of international efforts to placate the Israelis has succeeded. 

Arab peaceniks have now receded into the background. The Israelis try to blot out history. Their chance for normalization came when King Abdullah, the then Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia, offered the 2002 Arab Peace Plan. 

Unfortunately, it was rejected by the attacks the next day on the headquarters of the late Yasser Arafat. 

For now, the peace process is dead. Netanyahu is systematically killing hundreds of Palestinians in silence. 

A few Israelis die and Fox and other television channels in America screech like owls and bark like mad dogs: “An Israeli is dead!” 

We have been hearing this rhetoric for too long. Palestinians have had enough of false promises from the United States. 

The American government is not the honest broker that it claims to be. Palestinians are left with no choice but to retaliate and stand up to their barbaric occupiers who are carrying out a policy of genocide to eradicate their very existence. Well, the Palestinian people are here to stay. 

No amount of fear tactics or military might can make them cower or can silence their raging voices calling for an end to Israeli injustice and oppression.


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